Księga gości

25-11-2009 09:25
adam ( Polska )
: alejka.pl/c/akcesoria-do-alkoholu.html

Jestem pod wra??eniem stronki , gratuluj?.

15-11-2009 12:36
minhchu minhchuv <at> yahoo <dot> com
: http://my.opera.com/ruoumini/blog/

Hello. I just created 1 personal blog site: http://my.opera.com/ruoumini/blog , as the exchange with the brothers have collected interesting mini wine, sample wine in Vietnam as well as the whole world, hihi. Be pleased to know the brothers have interests mini wine collection, wine samples. In Vietnam mini wine collection, wine samples is very difficult .... Ko know any brother help with your wine collection mini not in Vietnam? Thank you all

26-08-2009 04:21
MARIO ARANCIBIA ( QUILPUE , CHILE ) famaragar <at> yahoo <dot> es
: usuarios.lycos.es/rincondebotellitas

hello Romano
very nice your website, good pictures, go ahead, greetings from chile.
Best regards Mario